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About Riagon

Riagon Tech was founded to provide free apps as assiting tools to improve daily life and routines.

Our purpose is to help anyone wishing to organize their lives more effectively with ease. With this purpose in mind, Riagon Tech starts with building apps that support the daily activity.

We are dedicated in ongoing research and development to create a wider range of free and usuful apps for anyone with personal health, activity and educational needs.


Baby Diary

Dedicated to modern parents, Baby Diary offer easy and important features to track your baby’s daily activities and milestones. Record feedings, diaper changes and sleepping patterns with one single tap and add details anytime. Under contruction, available in Feb 2021


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Home screen for fast-record adding
Clear timeline to understand your baby's patterns
Track your baby's weight against WHO's data
Track your baby's length against WHO's data
Adding notes and photos to your baby's growth record
summary of your baby's day


Perfect BMI

Perfect BMI Overview EN

Perfect BMI is ideal for anyone who wants to track their weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) to keep in shape on daily basis!

This app will assist you to control your weight and BMI with customizable weight goal and goal-reaching date funtions. It also automatically calculates your BMI and body fat % and sugguest ideal range based on your weight and height.

Additionally, you can track your weight changes daily with various entries and review them efforlessly with the integrated line chart and history features.


Download Perfect BMI at Google Play




More Features of Perfect BMI


Perfect BMI Chart EN

Perfect BMI History EN




Perfect BMI Profile EN

Perfect BMI Setting EN



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